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Process analysis essay layout

Process essay layout

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Orphan Drugs Designations and essay layout, Approvals have Something to Say about Risks. This brief essay examines data from the U.S. Orphan Drug Act, including specifically the FDA designations of an indication for a drug to treat an research orphan disease, and the likelihood that once the designation is process, made, the piano essay, FDA will approve the process, drug for sample help, that indication. This is layout, one empirical measure of the risks associated with the development of new drugs to treat U.S. Diabetes? defined orphan diseases. Note that 75 percent of all novel cancer drugs approved in the United States from 2010 to process essay layout, 2016 qualified as orphan products. The essay also reports the average time between the FDA designation and the FDA approval for orphan indications. In Essay? The main findings are that since 2010, the average time from orphan designation to approval is 5.3 years, and the likelihood of FDA approval for process, an orphan indication, which varies over time and across business cycles, was .22 from 1990 to 2017, and since 2010, was .25. Communication Skills? The essay concludes with a comparison to other studies of the risks of drug development. On January 5, 1983, the U.S. Orphan Drug Act became law as Public Law 97-414.

Over the past 34 years the Act has been amended numerous times, often extending or expanding the benefits, which currently include a 50 percent tax credit for essay, qualifying clinical trials, exemptions or discounts on prescription drug user fees, an easier and faster path to FDA approval, and seven years of marketing exclusivity for essays, an approved orphan indication. Essay? The Orphan Drug Act involves a system of writing designations and approvals relating to process essay, specific indications a drug will treat. A qualifying orphan indication is one that involves 200,000 or fewer patients in sample resume help the United States, and can be based upon a subpopulation for a particular disease. I have collected data from the FDA on all orphan designations and approvals from the beginning of the program through September 17, 2017. These are in a Google Sheet, available here as an html or an xlsx file. Process Layout? In this note, I use the thesis statement for emily dickenson, data to calculate the process, likelihood of FDA marketing approval, once the FDA grants an orphan designation. The results are then compared to estimates by others of the likelihood of approval for drugs entering clinical testing. Since the Orphan Drug Act came into effect in 1983, through September 17, 2017, the FDA granted 4,350 orphan designations. The number of designations has steadily grown. For the 17 year period of ways of starting a sentence 1983 to 1999, 980 designations were granted, an average of 58 per year.

In the next 17 year period, 2000 to process essay layout, 2016, 3017 were granted, an average of 177 per year. In the first 9.5 months of 2017, 353 designations were granted. (See Figure 1) The ODTC is an essay english incentive to obtain a timely orphan designation. The Orphan Drug Tax Credit (ODTC) is an important benefit of the Orphan Drug Act (ODA). The credit is essay, equal to statement for emily, 50 percent of the cost of qualifying trials, and one important limitation is that the credit only applies to expenses incurred in the period between the FDA designation and process layout, the FDA approval. Most importantly, trial costs incurred before the statement for emily dickenson, designation do not benefit from the ODTC. Thus, companies engaged in RD on new drugs have a significant incentive to obtain an FDA designation for an orphan indication before spending money on clinical trials relating to that indication.

FDA Approvals of Orphan Designations. One can use the data from the FDA on indications and process layout, approvals to learn something about the risks of drug development. Over the entire period, 1983 to September 17, 2017, there were 4,350 orphan designations and 637 FDA approvals of those indications. (See Figure 2) Lags between designation and approval. The raw approval rate for the entire period is 14.6 percent, taking into ways of starting account all designations and all approvals. However, the 14.6 percent figure is process essay layout, misleading, because there is a lag in time between the designation and the approval. For some products, the lag is short, less than one year. For others, this time lag may be longer, and sometimes much longer. On September 1, 2017, Wyeth (owned by Pfizer) received an piano essay approval for Mylotarg, some 17.8 years after the FDA had granted the orphan status for essay layout, the indication acute myeloid leukemia. Some delays are even longer, including a 26 year delay between the statement for emily dickenson, 1985 designation and the 2011 approval for essay layout, Corifact.

For the period from 2000 to communication essay english, September 17, 2017, the layout, average lag from designation to marketing approval was 4.8 years. Research? Since 2010, the average was 5.3 years. One can calculate a likelihood of an process essay FDA approval of an orphan designation for a particular year by adding up the approvals in a given year and help, dividing that number by the FDA designations in process an earlier year. n Figure 3 , the technical, likelihood of approval, given FDA designation, is given for each year of essay layout approval from 1990 to 2016, for four different lagged periods, 4, 5, 6 and 8 years. The 4 and piano essay, 5 year period more closely correspond to the average lags in earlier periods. The longer lags are show to illustrate the sensitivity to the likelihood calculations with different lags. There are three periods where the likelihood of approval fell sharply, due primarily to the lower number of orphan approvals. These are related to three events. At the process, end of 1994, the Orphan Drug Tax Credit temporarily lapsed, following a failure of the Congress to reach agreement on its provisions. Of Starting? In 2000, the value of NASDAQ and biotech stocks collapsed.

In 2008-2009, there was a global financial crisis. In Figure 4 , I compare a four year moving average of the likelihood of approval, using a 5 year lag (the average lag since 2000), to the value of the SP 500. FIgure 4 shows a correlation which I found counter intuitive. Since the orphan drug tax credit was restored and made permanent, as share prices rise, there is an increase in process essay approvals relative to designations. This correlation suggests companies invest in the later trials necessary to writing essays, obtain FDA approval for products, increasing approvals faster than the supply of new designations. I expected the opposite, that when companies are flush with cash, and share prices and expected profits are higher, the companies would take greater risks, and have a lower likelihood of approval. Table 2 reports estimates of the likelihood of approval, using five different lag times between approvals and designations.

The period 1990 to 1999 was less risky, for all five of the lag scenarios. For the drugs approved from 2010 to September 17, 2017, the value for a 5 year lag from designation to approval is appropriate. For this group, the likelihood of FDA approval, given a previous FDA designation, was .252, or roughly 1 in 4. Table 3 reports the number of approvals for orphan indications since 2010 and through September 17, 2017. The table currently underestimates the number of orphan approvals for a lead indication, because some products were initially approved for process essay layout, more than one orphan indication. I plan to collect that and other relevant data for a later blog. Note that 97 novel drugs in this period involved at least one orphan indication when the products were approved. Comparisons to other data on development risks. The data on orphan drug designations and approvals has the advantage of being transparent, including a large number (4350) of observations, and a set of drugs that are increasingly important, and often extremely expensive. It is worth comparing the data from the FDA Orphan Drug program on the likelihood of FDA approval to other estimates of development risks, but first noting some differences.

The FDA data on Orphan designations and approvals isn’t an diabetes research estimate, it is essay, a set of facts, involving government issued designations companies seek to obtain important benefits, and thesis statement for emily dickenson, marketing approvals by the FDA. In the past 33 years, the process layout, times from designation to approval have averaged between 4 or 5 years, depending upon the period. Recital Essay? The likelihood of success (approval by the FDA), once the FDA designation is granted is generally in the range of .2 to .25, when lags of 4 or 5 years are used. While the FDA data on orphan designations and approvals provides useful insights into the risks and timing of drug development, it should be put into perspective. Companies can and sometimes do undertake clinical testing orphan products before receiving FDA orphan designations. Layout? When this happens, the lag between orphan designation and FDA approval will underestimate the time between the beginning of clinical testing and approval #8212; an important parameter in various cost of RD studies. In some cases, when the FDA approves a drug for an orphan indication, no clinical testing ever occurs. When this happens, the number of designations will overstate the number of products entering clinical testing and understate the likelihood of approval. Some of the orphan approvals relate to novel drugs, and some for new indications for existing products.

In some cases, a drug will have several designations and also may be approved for thesis for emily, multiple orphan indications. The data on the orphan designations and approvals is not strictly equivalent to the data presented in essay other studies of the risks or timing of the development. That said, it’s definitely in the neighborhood, and something that provides important insights. How do the data compare to estimates by other researchers? That’s the subject of a longer analysis, but here we can look at some of the complexities in the ways that other risks have been estimated. DiMasi’s several drug development studies are particularly interesting, because he has published so many, and is cited so widely (often long before the studies actually appear in a journal). In his 2016 paper that estimated a $2.6 billion RD cost, DiMasi et al. used .1183 as the likelihood a drug entering Phase 1 testing would be approved by the FDA. This was substantially higher than his 2003 estimate of .215, and one of the reasons the costs were much higher than earlier estimates. But an earlier, 2013 paper by DiMasi on oncology drugs illustrates have sensitive the data is to the exact sample used. DiMasi estimated that the odds of FDA approval were .09 percent for one period, but .198 for a more recent period.

And, the odds of approval for dickenson, a 2nd indication on an existing drug were .549, better than 1 of 2. In a 2010 paper , DiMasi estimated that the likelihood of success for essay layout, drugs entering clinical testing was .13 for small molecules, and .32 for skills essay english, biologic drugs (large molecules). In BIO’s 2016 study of clinical success rates based upon Biomedtracker data, the approval rate for all diseases was .096, and only .051 for oncology products, but .253 for rare diseases, and .226 for non NME drugs, and .161 for vaccines. The 2012 OHE study , funded by AstraZenca appears to have an approval rate of drugs entering clinical testing of .075, a key parameter in their estimate of a $1.5 billion cost, but the 100 page paper also cites several studies that put the figure from .25 to .36. Osborne et al, in process a 2011 paper , looked 66 drugs tested for HIV, and found that 11 the the market, a success rate of .167. BIO’s 2016 report estimate the technical essays, success for infectious diseases at .191. The 2017 Prasad/Mailankody paper in JAMA.

A 2017 paper by Prasad and Mailankody looked at the approval of 10 oncology products. An earlier discussion available here considered some differences between the 2017 PM paper and DiMasi#8217;s 2016 estimates. The PM paper estimated RD costs for 10 drugs, of which 9 qualified as orphans, so the data here on orphan approvals is particularly relevant. In the PM analysis, 10 firms had 43 products under development and had 10 oncology products approved by the FDA, as the first successful product for each firm. Two of the ten successful products were biologic orphan products. The nine orphan drugs had, collectively, 50 orphan designations, or an average of process essay 5.6 per drug. Of the 50 indications, the FDA approved 20, an average of 2.2 approved orphan indications for each of the sample, 9 orphan drugs in their study. Prasad and Mailankody estimated the average RD costs for the 10 products including RD outlays on 43 products. The 10 approved products were 23 percent of the number of drugs under development, a success rate that is in line with the overall rate of approval for orphan indications and the BIO estimates of success for process essay layout, drugs entering clinical testing for rare diseases. Of Starting A Sentence? Consider this an initial look at the data from the US orphan drug program. The FDA could make the orphan drug database more useful by providing a field to show if an approval is for essay, the initial approval of the drug or for follow-on indications.

Beyond data that helps assess the papers research, risks, policy makers would benefit from knowing more about other important parameters of economic significance. It would be useful for governments to process essay layout, collect and report data on each clinical trial, including enrollment, the communication skills, timing of investments and costs trials if possible. The role of public sector subsidies should also be routinely documented, including the essay layout, amount of the orphan drug tax credit claimed for each trial, as well as the subsidies relating to government research grants and contracts, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), and licenses of on federal funded patented inventions. There is skills essay, a particularly strong rationale for greater transparency as regards the RD for orphan products. The prices for orphan products often cannot be justified on typical cost effectiveness grounds.

The set of subsidies, preferences and non-patent exclusivity available for orphan products merit a closer look at the economics of this market.

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Process analysis essay layout

Sales Management Case Studies Essays and essay layout, Research Papers. Bachelors in diabetes papers research, Business Management and Entrepreneurship Sales Management ECB 20503 Case . Study : The Valley Winery PREPARED BY: FARA ASHIKIN BT GHAZALI 62283313167 PREPARED FOR: DR. Process. MOHD FARID SHAMSUDIN 1) What are the problem facing Pat Waller? Pat Waller is the one who recently hired as sales manager of the San Francisco region’s chain division. The major problems facing by him are high turnover and continue with sales increase. According to statement for emily dickenson, the case , on average a sales representative had been. Retailing , Sales , Sales management 1296 Words | 7 Pages. Sales Force Management Case Study. No sales person in an organization is an island.

The concept of team selling has become the essay layout trend in today's business environment because it is . Recital Essay. successful. Team selling utilizes each sales person's strengths, enhances one's contribution, increases productivity and process layout, reduces turnover. Of Starting A Sentence In Essay. Success in sales happens as the result of process planning and effective execution. Careful coordination o f many resources are required on the selling side and the customer's side throughout the sales process. The goal of team-selling. Consultative selling , Customer service , Marketing 1556 Words | 5 Pages. MBM-308 SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT QUIZ – 3 CASE STUDY – STAFFING PROBLEM IN SWISHFLOW LTD SUBMITTED . Writing. BY- PIYUSH GARG 107623 Staffing problems range from not having enough employees to having too many. Process Layout. We can always hire regular employees but sometimes we only need someone for a little while. When company needs help they often need it right away. Markets change and the economy changes with it. Businesses need to have that type of flexibility also.

In this case where two out of five salespersons have. Customer service , Management , Marketing 763 Words | 4 Pages. FITTskills: Global Supply Chain Management Case Study #5: Global Supply Chain Management and . Shipping Case Study #5: Global Supply Chain Management and Shipping Catch of the day Kalastaa Inc. In Essay. have been in the local Finnish aquaculture industry for nearly fourteen years. They raise salmon and trout for local markets, and have recently negotiated a deal with a small fish processing plant that distributes under a major product label in Finland. Although they run a rather small operation. Aquaculture , Atlantic salmon , Fish 642 Words | 3 Pages. Summer Meeting Management Case Study Submission and Format Guidelines Management . Case Studies are 20-minute platform presentations followed by a 10-minute question and process essay layout, answer period.

ASHP is recital seeking management case studies in essay, specific topic areas: • Informatics • Leadership / Administration • Medication Safety • Clinical Conundrums This document will assist you in of starting in essay, the preparation of your submission for a Management Case Study (MCS). The number of accepted management case studies will be limited. Case study , Casebook method , Clinical trial 1988 Words | 7 Pages. Case Study : Thistle Co. of Australia Triquestra Fuels Thistle's Multi-Site Retail Business Transformation RETAIL . MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Background of Thistle Company of Australia (TCOA) Thistle Company of Australia (TCOA or Thistle) is a privately held company that currently owns and operates Australia's largest independent network of essay Shell-branded service stations and sample help, adjoined retail premises. Process Layout. Headquartered in papers, Brisbane, and operating across Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, Thistle. Business , Retailing , Sales 978 Words | 4 Pages. About the layout Case Study This case study is about the Human Resources Management . challenges faced by a retail organization and the appropriate HR Technology solution provided to meet out these challenges. Communication Essay English. About the process Organization in piano, Case Study The organization in process layout, the study is one of the sample resume largest retail stores chain across the globe.

They have around 100 retail stores in process essay layout, India in different locations and technical, looking to expand further to more than 200 store across India. Organizational Structure Organization. Expense , Human resource management , Human resources 1595 Words | 6 Pages. More Eastern Gear Inc Case Study Essays and Term Papers Search Advanced Search Documents 21 - 40 of 1000 . Case Study on Google Competitive Strategy Assessment 2 Case Study Google Inc. INTRODUCTION This Business Report primarily addresses 4 questions asked on the Google Inc. case study . Information is primarily obtained from the process essay case study and from publicly available news reports and articles Premium1265 Words6 Pages Case Study Analysis ABC INC., Case Study Introduction Although the whole. Apple Inc. , Case study , Dell 1146 Words | 6 Pages. ? PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT UNIT 3 CASE STUDY . Essay English. JANINE EASTEP COLUMBIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY It has come to my attention as CEO of Donaldson’s clothing store that sales have been steadily declining in the last quarter. There is a growing list of layout competitors in the area who are offering lower prices dramatically increasing competition. Resume. In. Consultative selling , Customer service , Decision making 905 Words | 4 Pages. ?Activity 2: Case Study : Your task is to: Define the sales team goals for the next 12 months.

Ensure that they . are SMART. Essay. Define the KPI’s and standards for each goal. Define the timeframe for each goal. Select 1 goal and create an action plan which clearly documents how you will achieve this goal. Detail the methods/processes that you will engage in, the skills english resources that you need and essay layout, risks or constraints. The business’ strategic plan for thesis dickenson, the next twelve months is to; Increase turnover by 30%. Consultative selling , Customer service , Goal 541 Words | 2 Pages.

Warehouse Management case study From the process essay layout perspective of modern logistics systems, storage is an communication skills essay important part . of logistics is the logistics system, distribution center, hoping for effective logistics warehouse here, scientific management and control, so that the logistics system more smoothly, more reasonable to process, run. Ways A Sentence In Essay. In this paper, the importance of starting from the warehouse, combining theory and layout, practice, through an enterprise storage and logistics activities in the space and cargo space. Computer data storage , Inventory , Logistics 1965 Words | 5 Pages. ? Management by Objectives: A Case Study . Answer 1 Roopali Deshmukh understood the specific. Goal , Heterarchy , Hierarchy 1269 Words | 4 Pages. case study management leadership. and Kipsy case study as well as evaluate the problems which faced Eric “the new manager” and Kipsy “the clerk”, this paper will . explain the nature of the problems also will identify the piano essay possible causes of the main problem from essay, my point of view and find solutions and recital essay, recommendations to the difficulties they have experienced within the organization. 2. Problems:- 2.1 To begin with identifying some of the problems occurred in process essay, the case study • Salesmen- clients unsatisfied • Falling sales - poor quality. Abraham Maslow , Communication , Employment 2058 Words | 7 Pages. Strategic Management and Case Study.

? Bachelor of Applied Management Graduate Diploma in Business AMSM700a Strategic Management Assessment One – . Sample. Case Study 2014 Due date: 18th July 2014, at 6:00 p.m. Process Essay. QUESTION TOPIC MARKS 1 Vision, Mission and Strategy 20 2 SWOT Analysis 15 3 PESTLE 20 4 Leadership, Culture and Ethics 20 5 Mission and Staff Engagement 20 6 Formatting and Referencing 5 TOTAL MARKS: 100 Student ID NorthTec reserves the right to use electronic means. Management , Mission statement , Organization 994 Words | 6 Pages. ?Introduction In this case study , the laboratory of Cooke and Lewis provide a calibration and testing system for industry. The . system they made enable companies meet the quality at each stage in processes. With the diverse development of business, Cooke and recital essay, Lewis were not able to satisfy the demands of those organisations. Two attempts were made for the company, top-down approach and multi-disciplinary approach. Process Essay Layout. The employee involving approach showed the internal customer satisfaction and of starting a sentence, a high. ISO 9000 , Management , Process management 1725 Words | 6 Pages.

Case 1: Daikin China (word count 983) Daikin? Maybe you are not familiar with this brand. It doesn’t matter. When Daikin entered China . market in 1990, many Chinese consumers always asked same questions, “What is Daikin?”, “Where does Daikin come from?”, “What products does Daikin operate?”, or “Is it a Korea brand?”. But now, Daikin becomes the No.2 air-conditioning manufacturer in the world which is only fall behind Carrier, the US air-conditioning giant who was the inventor of air-conditioning. Acupuncture , Chinese character , Chinese language 2038 Words | 6 Pages. ?DEBT MANAGEMENT LEASING CASE STUDIES Case study 1 Situation: Raiyan Mellizas . works as a clerk in one of the clothing companies in process essay, the Philippines for about seven years.

He supports his family and himself through his job. He uses credit cards for additional to help, pay his essentials and his expenses. Question1: By the time Raiyan couldn’t control his expenditure using credit cards and he is layout having a difficulty in paying his debt, what he supposed to thesis statement for emily dickenson, do? Carrying debt can be extremely stressful. Credit , Credit card , Credit history 1595 Words | 5 Pages. RISK MITIGATION STRATEGIES Michael Johnson Information Technology Risk Management Case Study 3 RISK . MITIGATION STRATEGIES This document is intended to process layout, provide your organization with a set of strategies to mitigate the current risks that exist in regards to Oracle EBS database governance.

All strategies and rules have been tested and communication essay english, proven to process essay layout, efficiently reduce current and prevent future SOD violations in relation user access with the enforcement efforts of Application Access. Access control , Authorization , Database 1564 Words | 6 Pages. mainly involving in skills essay english, businesses of manufacturing, formulation and sale of process layout textile dyestuffs and auxiliaries for the textile industry. Diabetes Papers Research. (Cited . Essay Layout., 05 December 2011) Matex has been listed in Singapore Stock Exchange main board since Feb, 2004 with its headquarter in diabetes papers research, Singapore. Process Essay. The company core business is selling reactive dyestuffs, auxiliaries and sale of piano some 3rd party products as a support service to process essay, its value customers. Core competency , Corporation , Human resource management 1575 Words | 5 Pages. Management Info System Case Study. Shafin Hossain Management Info System 11/01/06 2217-402-04 Fall 06 Case Study . Summary: The SyberWorks Training Center Suite provides an sample resume end-to-end training management solution for essay, training companies offering all types of writing e-Learning and process essay layout, traditional classroom based training.

They need a MIS program in technical essays, place. Customer Profile: Founded in 1997, Information Mapping Inc. is process essay a privately-held, international organization delivering Information Lifecycle Solutions through. E-learning , Educational technology , Learning management system 1061 Words | 4 Pages. Case Description Cablex Industries liked to be seen as itself a bastion of tradition. Piano Recital. The original owner, Jagan, had maintained close . control over process essay, the business for 25 years as it developed a number of cables for two wheelers. Until he retired in 1995, Jagan knew the names of every one of the 250 staff members and their families.

He made all decisions about resume, products, clients, and employment conditions, even signed every leave application. Jagan knew all dealers and major two wheeler manufacturers. Change management , Community of practice , Knowledge 2298 Words | 7 Pages. Case Study on Operation Management. Final case study on process layout, Fresh Salads Ltd: The Iceberg lettuce harvest Harvinder kaur ratol (1210240) University Canada West . Piano Recital Essay. Professor: Chris Tabi MBA 510: Operations Management 23rd March 2013 Abstract This paper illustrates the importance and use of operation management in layout, order to deal with different task within the one organization. It provides the information regarding the transformation process, operations objectives and company operations which helps an organization to perform various. Input , Lactuca , Lettuce 1158 Words | 4 Pages. Describe the summary of the project case study in your own words.( What is this project all about?

Include the time line, cost . and location in your description.) The project is about building a coal-fired power plant which accomplish on 16 April, 2008 which 10 weeks is ahead of skills essay english schedule. At the essay layout first of beginning they face rigorous tribulation, for example costs skyrocketed, skilled labor shortage and the location in middle of technical nowhere would make the project completion on time in jeopardy. Million. Activated carbon , Construction , Model building code 865 Words | 3 Pages. Investments Case Study 1- Beta Management Company Tanya Mengyao Tang Dylan William Sizemore Gaebulwe Seretse . Layout. Business Purpose and Clients of Beta Management The main business purpose of Beta Management is to “enhance returns but reduce risks for clients via market timing,” which is also one of their stated goals. Thus, Ms. Wofle aims to technical writing essays, invest in the index during bull markets and exit from the index during bear markets.

Ms. Process Essay Layout. Wolfe, a market strategist, picked the sample resume name Beta Management to process essay layout, align to. Financial markets , Investment , Mutual fund 1101 Words | 3 Pages. Case Studies of Management Indiana Wesleyan University Steven Thompson Ron Edens approach to managing his . employees at Electronic Banking Systems Inc. is by rendering them almost inhuman. Edens believes that to maximize production control is the definitive need. Each of his employees performs a strict regiment and is constantly monitored to maintain the technical writing discipline he desires. While he is layout not incorrect that setting specific standards have rewarded him with current satisfactory production.

Bank , Investment , Leadership 867 Words | 3 Pages. CASE STUDY OF LOGISTICS STRATEGY GROUP WORK ASSIGNMENT “Assuming you are the research Regional Administration Manager ABC (Hong Kong) . Essay Layout. Limited, please work out a Planning of how you would execute a special project on the re-engineering of the help logistic flows in the Hong Kong Region.” Hints: As there are various parameters that can be considered in planning a project, such as “formation of project team(s), resources consideration, availability of essay layout time and people, management style to be applied, definition. Case study , Chinese language , Hong Kong 871 Words | 4 Pages. Operations Management (McDonalds Case Study ) INTRODUCTION - OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT : Operations . management can be defined as the planning, scheduling , and control of the activities that transform inputs into communication english finished goods and essay layout, services. Resume. In other words, it is ‘a field of study that focuses on the effective planning , scheduling, use, and control of a manufacturing or service organisation through the study of layout concepts from design engineering, industrial engineering, and management information systems. Big Mac Index , Burger King , Fast food restaurant 1964 Words | 6 Pages.

What forms of interpersonal power are evident in writing, the case and essay, why? All five forms of interpersonal power appear in various parts of the . case study . Of Starting. Coercive power is represented in the case study when John Lasseter began working for the Disney animation studio and essay, came to realize that the resume powers that be expected nothing but coercion from their employees. People were expected to comply with the way things have always been done. New ideas were neither encouraged nor supported. In addition, top managers. A Bug's Life , John Lasseter , Pixar 1178 Words | 4 Pages. Acme Minerals Extraction Company Case Study Contents 1. Process Essay Layout. 2. . Introduction. 3 Discussion . 3 2.1. 2.2. 3. Sample. Organisational Commitment . 4 Communication Channels . Communication , Management , Motivation 1644 Words | 7 Pages. Case Study Gillette Strategic Management.

Case study discussion – Gillette loses face This is a deceptively simple-looking case . Process Layout. The lazy student will . simply adopt the communication english critical line on the company’s strategy being fed to him or her by Jeremy Kahn, the process essay layout author of the article. In fact, things are by no means so clear-cut, students need to do some careful analysis, particularly in the area of Gillette’s corporate-level strategy, before this becomes plain. They have to be prepared to think hard about the success factors in the different businesses. Business , Case study , Duracell 1902 Words | 6 Pages. ? Team B Case Study Comparison Amanda McClanahan, Natasha Martinez, Tammy Thompson HCS/490 March 15, 2015 Ann Fairchild . Skills. Case Study Comparison In reviewing the case study of a thirty-year-old mother with four young children we can expect her annual costs for health care services to process layout, be exponential, and essays, unfortunately health care costs are continually rising. Although this mother does not have any special health problems or any special health concerns for her children, there are many. Health care , Health economics , Health insurance 1292 Words | 6 Pages. Student Self-administered case study Principles of Management ? an Introduction Case summary: . Case duration (Min): Principles of Management (PoM) 45-60 Introduction to process essay layout, PoM Worldwide This case considers what is piano meant by management from the perspectives of commercial and not?for?profit organisations.

Similarities and differences are considered and arguments from two people presented over three short film clips. Consider using role play initially ? i.e. make one group of process essay students a profit . Goal , Management , Non-profit organization 2330 Words | 6 Pages. Student Case Study Course: Marketing Management I Session: 18 Topic(s): . Case - Study : Budweiser Globsyn Business School (Knowledge Cell) Globsyn Crystals, XI – 11 and 12, Block EP, Sector V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata – 700 091, India All information, including graphical representations/maps, etc provided in this presentation/document is only for classroom discussions at GBS. The materials are used for no other purpose by the school. Student Case Study BUDWEISER Budweiser. Anheuser-Busch , August Busch IV , Case study 812 Words | 3 Pages. Nightmare on Wall Street This case is all about facts and sample resume help, incidents about the harsh truths that lie behind the discrimination and . harassment against process essay women in the workplace. Help. Males have predominately rules the workplace on Wall Street and had the perception of having no women take their glory. For years women were filling suits with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) about the essay layout way men were treating them. Ways Of Starting A Sentence. Women were getting mistreated, demoted, harassed or even fired in some incidents. Abuse , Discrimination , Employment 831 Words | 3 Pages.

| Case Study on process, |Product and piano, Brand Management . | 1.0 Summary Communities across the United States are enjoying healthier food grown by process essay local farmers; and farmers are reaping better returns and helping to revitalize rural and resume help, urban communities by selling close to essay layout, home instead of through distant. Agriculture , Department store , Farmer 625 Words | 3 Pages. Technology Management Case Study Summary. supplier selection process. In journal studies the skills essay english effective strategy ‘Make’ or ‘Buy’ should be adapt to minimize the total costs of supply . Essay Layout. chain. ‘Make’ decision refers to piano recital, the condition in that supply chain aims at process essay integrating plant and supplier operations, controlling supplier quality, considering lead time, transportation, and warehousing costs. ‘Buy’ decision refers to resume help, condition in that lack of essay layout insourcing dexterity can be seen. The author generated two different cases that follow different strategic. Corporation , Invention , Limited company 2199 Words | 7 Pages. ? Subject Name: Marketing Management Subject Code: LB5202 Assessment Task 2: Marketing Case Study . Writing. Student: Na YIN Student ID: 13131934 This essay discusses that using the social media, video sharing and process layout, view social networks have been become an a sentence important part of today’s branding activity, although it might cause some consequences if excessively consume them. The definition of social media is essay layout that the tool that people can use it to share them opinions, ideas, and experiences (Morrill. Brand , Brand management , Branding 1568 Words | 9 Pages.

Marketing Management - Case Studies. CASE : I Playing to a new beat: marketing in sample resume, the music industry Questions: 1. Discuss the micro and layout, macro forces that are . affecting the music industry. Answer : Factors affecting the music industry include the following: • Consumers have created a new value curve for the music industry • Online file sharing and downloading where copyright holders are bypassed has put the traditional business model of the music industry in doubt • Competition for consumers time, attention. Brand , Laundry , Laundry detergent 2057 Words | 7 Pages. Management of recital essay Business Case Study. Case Study 1 – Harry goes it alone Harry was really bored with his job as second chef in a top-of-the-market hotel. Process. He was also . tired of technical essays being ordered around by the manager and the head chef. He never liked taking orders and essay layout, had always hoped to use his talents preparing food for customers in his own restaurant. The main problem was his lack of writing essays business experience. Harry had just been to a business conference with a friend of his and had been interested in process, the franchising exhibition there. One.

Caffeine , Coffee , Corporation 1070 Words | 5 Pages. Sales Force Management Proper training for a sales force is vital to piano essay, the success of the essay individual as well as the . team. According to Spiro, Stanton, and Rick, “The salesperson’s product knowledge, understanding of customer needs, and help, selling skills are directly related to the amount of training he or she receives” (2004, p. 190). This paper will discuss such instances encountered by Imaginative Staffing, Inc., summarize the case study presented in process layout, Management of a Sales Force, and answer questions. Consultative selling , Customer service , Marketing 1465 Words | 4 Pages. ?Louis Jones Case Study Kerzner Office Equipment This case provides an opportunity to research, explore some of the essay layout issues . surrounding the startup of a project and formation of a team. Read the ways a sentence in essay case study found on page 409 in process layout, your textbook. You should then answer the diabetes research four below questions thoroughly utilizing the concepts found in your text book.

1. Critique Brigg’s management of the first meeting. What, if anything, should she have done differently? Given the process time constraint and late start, Briggs probably. Agenda , Management , Meeting 668 Words | 2 Pages. Kodak at a Crossroads Case 13 Bb1 Management 425 Section 001 1. What are the drivers . of the writing essays photography equipment industry? How do economic characteristics differ between film-based and essay, digital segments? The drivers of the photography equipment industry are the recital essay following: • Changes in an industry’s long-term growth rate • Product innovation • Technological change and manufacturing process innovation • Changes in essay layout, cost and efficiency and • Reductions. Camera , Daniel Carp , Digital photography 1154 Words | 4 Pages. International Management Case Study. are: * Stage 1 – Passive exporting * Stage 2 – Export Management * Stage 3 – Export Department * Stage 4 – Sales . Branch * Stage 5 – Production Abroad * Stage 6 – The Transnational These stages transition a small business from merely filling international orders that aren’t solicited, to seeking out thesis for emily, export sales , to using significant resources to increase sales which creates a high enough demand to open local sales offices, which leads to production abroad and then finally developing. Business , Corporation , Globalization 752 Words | 3 Pages.

A Case Study on: Toyota Revs Up U.S. Sales. A Case Study on- TOYOTA REVS UP U.S. SALES SUBMITTED TODr. Essay. A.K.M. MONIRUZZAMAN PROFESSOR DEPARTMENT OF . MANAGEMENT STUDIES FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY SUBMITTED BYMD. MARUF-UL-ARIF Roll: M 130202549 MBA (EVENING) SESSION: SUMMER 2013 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES SUBMIT DATE06-09-2013 FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY Summary Since 1903, Chevrolet or Ford has been the best-selling car brand in the United States until 2002. Economics , Honda , Hybrid electric vehicle 744 Words | 3 Pages.

Herzberg’s theories with recommendations on communication skills essay, further possible improvement to keep their employees at process their best. ANALYSIS In management , . motivation is an internal force thus no definite way of measuring (Bartol et al. 2008, p. 445). However motivation shapes behaviour and provides a way to piano recital, infer motivation and identify needs associated to motivating an employee. Process Layout. In the history of management , Abraham Maslow (1954) developed a motivation theory called hierarchy of needs which consist of 5 levels. And was popular. Abraham Maslow , Developed country , Employment 1953 Words | 6 Pages. Case Study Analysis on Time Management.

ase Case Study Analysis: The Need for Time Management Name College March 29, 2012 Case . Study Analysis: The Need for Time Management According to diabetes papers research, Karen M. Williams, the process essay “poor management of papers time will prevent a business from essay, reaching its full potential” (1994, p. 1). Carl Robin’s case study is the perfect example of why time management is a crucial skill in diabetes papers, the business world. Process Layout. Carl has been a campus recruiter for ABC Inc. for six months and recently hired fifteen new trainees who will work. Case study , Employment , Management 2296 Words | 6 Pages. Management Consultancy case study. on clients’ business to a sentence, increase sales ? Objectives 1. To be able to reduce/ eliminate the essay pressure on the analyst in selling consulting . Communication English. services.

2. Process. To be able to sell consulting service to clients without bias. Diabetes. 3. To be able to develop an essay layout equitable compensation program in the Survey Services Department. Areas of Consideration Leadership style The CEO, John Burgess exercises a hands-on leadership style through conducting two management meetings per day just to sample, check the. Analyst , Business analyst , Fixed exchange rate 753 Words | 3 Pages. University of Wisconsin- Whitewater College of Business Economics Management Department Management 770 Organization Design 3 . credits Spring 2011 Professor: Phone: E-mail: Office: Section 1: Office hours: E-mail hours: Walk-in: Louise Tourigny, Ph.D. Administration (262) 472-5735 Office HH-4509 Monday from 5:15 to process layout, 7:45 p.m. at American Family Insurance, Madison Monday from 7:45 to 8:15 p.m. at American Family Insurance upon request Monday from 9:00 a.m. to sample, noon; other times intermittent. Bankruptcy in the United States , Case report , Case study 1523 Words | 6 Pages. Case Study Optima Operations Management. the United States Secret Service and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute’s CERT® Coordination Center.

Case . Study - Efficient Service Production with Optima The company - Mitec Group The Mitec Group has 12 years of experience in the area of essay voice network management . The Group has a proven track record from supplying scalable management solutions for Voice Managed Services. The Challenge An increasing number of enterprises decide to diabetes papers research, buy managed services or completely. Capital punishment , Carnegie Mellon University , Case study 902 Words | 3 Pages. WimU University College of Business MBA7200 | Financial Management | Case THIS ASSIGNMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED . ELECTRONICALLY (BY ATTACHING THIS WORD DOCUMENT WITH YOUR ANSWERS FILLED IN) TO THE ASSIGNMENT DROPBOX IN WEEK 5. THE DEADLINE IS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 BY 11 PM. Process Layout. THE MAXIMUM SCORE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS 20 POINTS. PLEASE SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK. Essay English. NAME: Telecom Italia is considering the investment in a capital project. Process Layout. The initial cost in year 0 is $149,000 to be depreciated. Cash flow , Depreciation , Expense 678 Words | 4 Pages. Project #1 Short Case #1: Bed Bath Beyond’s (BBB) Plan for Growth 1. Explain how Bed Bath Beyond practices the retailing concept. The . Recital Essay. retailing concept is comprised of customer orientation, coordinated effort, value-driven, and goal orientation.

With a multitude of essay layout open stores the consumer becomes aware of the convenience in location, excellent store atmosphere, and an assortment of merchandise. BBB’s customer orientation, customers can walk around the store without feeling pressured because. Customer , Customer service , Loyalty program 1413 Words | 5 Pages. 000 500,000 general administrative 1,000,000 1,000,000 Advertising and Promotional 6,000,000 6,000,000 Total Fixed . Cost $8,300,000.00 $8,966,666.67 Sales /Year 100,000,000 200,000,000 $0.0830 $0.0448 per case per bottle Total per recital essay, unit cost $2.0277 $1.5081 2 . 25% Profit mark-up Manufacturing Cost / Per unit 12 pack 2 liter 12 pack. Coca-Cola , Cola , Cost accounting 897 Words | 4 Pages. Operations Management and process, Management Science Case Study. Operations Management and Management Science Case Study Capacity Planning New Balance Athletic . Communication. Shoes Summary James Davis is the process layout president and general manager of ways of starting New Balance Athletic Shoes. Process Essay Layout. The Boston, Massachusetts based company began producing corrective shoes and arch supports in 1906. New Balance garnered a reputation for quality specialty footwear when in the 1950's it began producing running shoes for essay english, men. Essay. It is the technical essays beginning of 1978 and Mr.

Davis has a number of important decisions. Athletic shoe , Footwear , Market share 1730 Words | 6 Pages. Foreign Trade University Faculty of Business Administration Department of Management Human Resource Module: Management . (QTRE303) Lecturer: Ngo Quy Nham Email: Case Application (Motivation) SEARCHING FOR? It gets more than 3,000 applications a day.96 And it’s no wonder! With a massage every other week, onsite laundry, swimming pool and spa, free delicious all-you-can-eat gourmet meals, what more could an process layout employee want? Sounds like an ideal job, doesn’t it? However. Educational psychology , Google , Motivation 495 Words | 2 Pages. Strategic management : Etude de cas 1- SWOT SWOT Apple : Strenghts : - Good reputation among consumers always with innovative . products (ipod: the first portable music player) - A high turnover and the company is quoted on stock - They have their own operating system (Linux) - Customer loyalty to the brand it create a community among users of Apple - An operating system more intuitive than Microsoft.

Weaknesses: - Steeve Job’s death destabilized the brand - Product prices are. Apple Inc. , Competition , IPhone 508 Words | 3 Pages. Management Systems Thinking: Case Study. system will not function once it is broken down into parts, as once separated it loses the diabetes research properties and parts required to layout, make up a system (Maani amp; . Cavana, 2007). Manni and writing, Cavan’s view on ‘System Thinking’: System Thinking relates to the study of cause and effect overtime and comprehension of variations and complexity (Maani amp; Cavana, 2007). The main functions of process essay layout system thinking are; paradigm, language and methodology. Thesis For Emily. Paradign refers to dynamic thinking, operational thinking, and essay layout, closed-loop. Blood pressure , Complaint , Hypertension 1195 Words | 4 Pages. concernd with sales and customer satisfaction only. Though it is true to certain extent, yet marketing is not simply concerned with . Diabetes Papers. sales and process essay, profit maximization.

In fact depending upon the type or stage of demand the marketing task would differ. Resume. The study is based on sales and process essay layout, distribution techniques with a special ref. of communication skills essay L.G. electronic product. To know the influences of the techniques of sales and distribution it is important to process essay layout, prepare a study which provides the result of the better sales and distribution. Consultative selling , Customer service , Management 1696 Words | 5 Pages. Mufc Case Study - Strategic Management. Strategic Management – Case Study #2 Manchester United FC Question #1 The Manchester United club can adopt . Of Starting A Sentence In Essay. different ownership types as follows: Private owned company – This is the current ownership form. Layout. In terms of expectations we find it appropriate to resume, distinguish between a family owned business like MUFC was before 1991 and a company owned by investor groups such the Glazers. Process. It is more likely that a conflict in expectations would arise in the latter. As in the case of MUFC, investors would. Change , Limited company , Malcolm Glazer 697 Words | 3 Pages.

Case Study in Management Information Systems Submitted By: Ronald Jay Villamer Submitted To: Engr. Sample Help. . Romwell Dumag INTERACTIVE SESSION: MANAGEMENT On April 4, 2008, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global information technology services provider, announced it had signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar outsourcing contract to essay layout, provide Chrysler LLC with a comprehensive set of skills essay information technology services. Process Essay. Was this a good move for papers, Chrysler? Tata Consultancy. Automotive industry , Cerberus Capital Management , Chrysler 814 Words | 3 Pages. Operation Management - Case Study Analysis.

Author: Diana Nagy, MBA FT 11, Grenoble Graduate School of Business Course: Operation Management Prof.: Alexander Fidanza Assignment: Custom . Process. Molds Inc. Technical Writing. - case study analysis Submitted: November 2010 Custom Molds Inc. – Case Study Analysis 1. What are the major issues Tom and Mason Miller are facing? Looking at the workflow of Custom Molds raises several questions. First, customers’ complaints about delivery delays have increased. The voice of the customer always signals a problem. Tom.

Change , Machinist , Management 2208 Words | 7 Pages.

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8 Steps to Writing the Perfect Personal Essay. It#39;s your first day back in English class and you are given the assignment to essay layout write a personal essay. Do you remember how? You will, with the reminders below. Your teacher has a good reason for this assignment. The personal essay is helpful to teachers because it gives them a snapshot of communication english your grasp of language, composition, and creativity. The assignment is really quite easy, it#39;s about you after all, so this is your opportunity to shine! It#39;s a good idea to start by process layout, making sure you understand the composition of an thesis dickenson essay. The simplest structure has just three parts: an introduction, a body of information, and a conclusion. You will hear of the five-paragraph essay. It has three paragraphs in process layout, the body instead of one.

Simple. The introduction : Start your personal essay with an communication skills essay interesting sentence that hooks your readers. You want them to process layout want to read more. If you need topic ideas, see No. Sample? 2. Once you have a compelling topic, decide on layout, the main idea you want to communicate and introduce it with a bang. Body : The body of your essay consists of one to thesis statement for emily dickenson three paragraphs that inform your readers about the topic you introduced. An outline can be helpful before you begin so your thoughts are organized. Paragraphs often have the same structure as the entire essay.

They begin with a sentence that introduces the essay layout point and sample help draws the reader in. The middle sentences of the paragraph provide information about the point, and a concluding sentence drives home your view and leads to process essay layout the next point. Each new idea is a signal to start a new paragraph. Each paragraph should be a logical progression from the previous idea and lead to the next idea or the conclusion. English? Keep your paragraphs relatively short. Ten lines is a good rule. If you write concisely, you can say a lot in ten lines. Process Essay? The conclusion : Close your essay with a final paragraph that summarizes the points you have made and states your final opinion. This is where you offer insights or lessons learned, or share how you were, or will be, changed because of your approach to the topic.

The best conclusions are tied to the opening paragraph. Continue Reading Below. Some days we are brimming over with topics to write about, and other times it can be difficult to research come up with a single idea. There are things you can do to inspire yourself. Check out our lists of ideas. Layout? Write in a stream of consciousness. Open a blank document and statement for emily write whatever comes into your mind, without stopping, until you#39;ve got three pages. Process? It#39;s a mind dump. Don#39;t stop, even if you have to write that you don#39;t know what to resume help write next.

Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist#39;s Way, calls this technique Morning Pages and suggests you practice it every morning upon waking. Do a little research. Essay Layout? Browsing tends to get the creative juices flowing. There are a lot of places beyond the technical essays Internet to do research. Don#39;t steal ideas, let them inspire you to write about your own ideas.

Continue Reading Below. English grammar is tough, and even native English speakers find it tricky. If you feel like you need a refresher, there are resources available to you. One of the most important books on my shelf is my old Harbrace College Handbook . The pages are yellow, stained with coffee, and well read. If it’s been a long while since you opened a grammar book, get one. And then use it. Here are some additional grammar resources: Use Your Own Voice and Vocabulary. Language is more than grammar.

One of the things your teacher will be looking for is use of the active voice. The active voice tells your reader exactly who is doing what. Passive : An essay was assigned. Active : Ms. Layout? Peterson assigned a personal essay about summer vacation. Personal essays are casual and diabetes research full of process layout feeling. If you write from the heart about something you feel passionate about, you will evoke emotion in your readers. When you show readers exactly how you feel about something, they can usually relate, and that’s when you’ve made an impact, whether it’s on a teacher or a reader. Be firm about your opinion, your feelings, your views.

Avoid weak words such as should, would, and ways could. The most powerful language is positive language. Write about what you are for layout rather than what you are against . Sample? Be for process peace rather than against war. Use the sample resume voice that comes most naturally to you. Use your own vocabulary. When you honor your own voice, your age and life experience, your writing comes off as authentic, and it doesn’t get any better than that. Make sure you understand what constitutes plagiarism and process essay steer clear of it. Diabetes Papers? This is your essay. Never use the essay layout work of other people and call it your own.

Continue Reading Below. Be Specific with Your Descriptions. Resume Help? Personal essays are your unique view of the topic. Be descriptive. Use all of your senses. Put your reader in your shoes and help them experience exactly what you saw, felt, smelled, heard, tasted. Were you nervous? What did that look like? Sweaty hands, stutter, drooping shoulders? Show us. Help us experience your essay.

Be Consistent with Your Point of View and Tense. Personal essays are just that, personal, meaning you are writing about process essay, yourself. This usually means writing in the first person, using the pronoun #34;I.#34; When you write in sample, the first person, you are speaking for layout yourself only. You can make observations of others, but you can’t speak for skills them or truly know what they are thinking. Most personal essays are also written in the past tense. You are relating something that happened to you or the way you feel about something by giving examples. You can write in the present tense if you want to. The main point here is to be consistent.

Whichever tense you decide to use, stay in it. Don#39;t switch around. Continue Reading Below. No matter what you write, one of the most important parts of the writing process is editing. Let your essay sit for a day, at the very least for several hours. Get up and walk away from it. Do something completely different, and then read your essay with your readers in layout, mind. Is your point clear? Is your grammar correct? Is your sentence structure correct? Is the structure of your composition logical?

Does it flow? Is your voice natural? Are there unnecessary words you can eliminate? Did you make your point? Editing your own work is hard. If you can#39;t do it, ask someone to piano help you. Hire an essay editing service if you need to. Choose carefully. You want someone who will help you edit your own work, not a service that writes your essay for you. EssayEdge is process layout, a good choice.

One of the communication skills essay english best ways to become a better writer is to be an avid reader of process essay layout good writing. If you want to diabetes research master the art of the essay layout essay, read great essays! Read essays wherever you can find them: in technical writing, newspapers, books, magazines, and online. Notice the structure. Enjoy the art of language used well.

Pay attention to how the end ties back to the beginning. The best writers are avid readers, especially in process, the form in which they work.

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fair tax act essay Top Arguments Against The FairTax. And WHY They Are ALL BUNK. Criticisms from ‘The Left’ Criticisms from ‘The Right’ Criticisms from ‘The Government’ Criticisms of the process essay, General Variety. Criticism: The FairTax rate is really 30%, not the 23% proponents say. This smokescreen counts on the notion that many Americans have a problem with applied arithmetic.

A 30% EXPLICIT tax is the EXACT same thing as a 23% IMPLICIT tax. Some examples should make this clear. · If a suit costs $100 and a 30% sales tax is in effect, you will pay $130 for the suit. Suit cost is $100. Tax is $30. That is a 30% EXPLICIT tax rate ($30 / $100) = 30%.

· If total cost for statement for emily dickenson a suit is process essay layout $130, including $30 tax, you will pay the skills, SAME $130 for the suit. Suit costs $100. Tax is $30. That is a 23% IMPLICIT tax rate ($30/$130) = 23%. So what’s the big deal? Well, think of how Income Taxes are ALWAYS stated.

By IMPLICIT RATES. Essay? When we are told a marginal rate is 25%, what is understood is statement that this means $25 is taken out of process layout, every $100 made. But that rate can also be expressed as 33% because $25 represents 33% of the $75 the taxpayer actually gets to recital essay keep. It is a fact that a sales tax is process layout generally expressed as an EXPLICIT rate, and that the revenue-collection mechanism of thesis statement for emily dickenson, The FairTax is a national retail sales tax. But how can The FairTax be compared to The Income Tax if we don’t express the rates in process layout the same manner? So either both are expressed in statement for emily dickenson IMPLICIT terms or as EXPLICIT terms. FairTax proponents will express their tax rate as 30% BUT ONLY if Income Tax proponents express their rates in EXPLICIT terms also. But they insist that we express our rate as the higher number EXPLICIT rate while they get to express their rates as the lower number IMPLICIT rates. The jury is out on whether this argument is put forth by arithmetically-challenged but well-meaning opponents or …. well …..

LIARS who know full well what they are doing. Criticism: It’s an additional national sales tax. There are only TWO (2) details for essay layout implementing The FairTax. Number ONE (1) is a national retail sales tax to collect 23% of retail sales as federal taxes. Number TWO (2) is technical a universal (same amount to EVERY American) rebate to process layout offset such taxes on poverty-level purchases. These 2 details are clearly stated in HR25, the piece of FairTax legislation currently before the U.S. Of Starting A Sentence? House of process layout, Representatives. HR25 also CLEARLY states that The FairTax is a 100% REPLACEMENT for ALL U.S. Income Taxes (Personal Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare Tax (FICA), embedded Corporate Taxes, Capital Gains Tax, Estate Taxes, etc).

The ONLY people who have ever claimed The FairTax represented an additional tax are those that have as their agenda to SLANDER The FairTax. Piano Recital Essay? No mis -interpretation here, no ignorance of math, no excuse. This ‘argument’ is pure LIE. Criticism: It’s really just a windfall tax cut for process essay the rich. This is another case of either a LIE or not being able to do simple math. The math for recital computing The FairTax rate is simply multiplying retail purchases by 23% (this is amount that was collected at time of purchases) and then subtracting the FairTax prebate (the EXACT same amount is received by every American).

The math for essay computing the Income Tax rate is admittedly FAR tougher because one must take into of starting a sentence in essay account Personal Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare Tax (FICA), embedded Corporate Taxes, Capital Gains Tax, etc. Well, if you compute those rates for some representative income levels the process essay, hypocrisy is a sentence in essay obvious. By the way, the following calculations assume a family size of 4 with ALL income being spent on retail purchases. This gives artificially higher FairTax rates at high income levels. For the few Americans making $500,000 per year, they pay an average of 37% in federal taxes now. Under the FairTax, federal taxation would be reduced to around 22%.

Savings of approximately 25% under The FairTax. For the many more Americans making $100,000 per year, they pay an average of 32% in essay federal taxes now. Under the FairTax, federal taxation would be reduced to around 19%. Savings of approximately 35% under The FairTax. For the many, many more Americans making $50,000 per year, they pay an average of 25% in federal taxes now. Under the FairTax, federal taxation would be reduced to help around 14%. Savings of approximately 45% under The FairTax. For the many Americans still making only $35,000 per year, they pay an average of 23% in federal taxes now. Under the FairTax, federal taxation would be reduced to around 10%.

Savings of approximately 55% under The FairTax. For the unfortunate Americans making only $20,000 per year, they pay an average of 19% in federal taxes now. Process Essay Layout? I know that this figure is actually lower if the Earned Income Tax Credit is technical essays figured in so let’s be charitable and say 9%. Under the FairTax, federal taxation would be reduced to layout around 0%. Savings of well over communication essay, 100% under The FairTax. Obviously, the more your annual income the LOWER the tax savings.

And don’t even start on essay layout the whining about the ABSOLUTE AMOUNT of taxes paid by Bill Gates going down more than the ABSOLUTE AMOUNT of papers research, taxes saved by process essay layout, Ms. Sample Resume? Jane Doe waitress. Process? Any measurement of tax rates or tax savings have to be made in PERCENTAGES to even be meaningful. Criticism: A sales tax is regressive, and punishes the poor unfairly. This is a true statement, but has NOTHING to thesis dickenson do with The FairTax. The reason a sales tax is in and of itself regressive is simple: the poorer you are the higher percentage of your wealth you must pay for survival of your family. This is process essay layout again simple math. Thus, if the sales tax paid is viewed as a percentage of wealth, the poorer you are the higher that percentage actually is. The FairTax has as ½ of its plan a national retail sales tax. The other ½ of the plan is a rebate to sample resume EVERY American to completely cover ALL of those federal sales taxes for spending needed to maintain a poverty-level lifestyle. The FairTax is MUCH more PROGRESSIVE than the U.S.

Income Tax Code. It effectively DE-TAXES every American who has to (or chooses to) live at the poverty level. This ‘argument’ is almost exclusively from liberals and/or socialists who think the whole world is a conspiracy of essay layout, rich vs poor. They are proud because they know an english, economic fact (probably the layout, only one they know) but refuse to recognize that The FairTax directly addresses that fact. Criticism: It’s just a scheme to let corporations escape paying taxes.

This stems from the myth that there are benevolent entities called corporate fairies who print up U.S. legal tender and give that money to a sentence CEOs to pay their Corporate Income Tax bills. In the real world, Corporate Income Taxes (along with the cost of essay, attorneys, tax accountants, bookkeepers and lobbyists) are considered a cost of diabetes research, production same as labor and material. The price of a corporation’s goods or services is based on layout those production costs. So corporations never really pay taxes, they collect taxes from their customers for the Government. Statement Dickenson? How could it be otherwise? Any taxes corporations turn over to essay layout the Government were obtained from ways of starting a sentence in essay their sales. In fact, Corporate Income Taxes are simply a way for any government to impose a tax on citizens without having to tell them they are being taxed.

Call them embedded taxes, hidden taxes, etc. They are completely disingenuous. The FairTax replaces ALL Income Taxes, including Corporate Income Taxes. By eliminating those production costs, American goods and essay services will fall an average of 15 to 20%. This will be an incredible boost to our foreign trade and increase the attractiveness of the U.S. as a place to do business. But since corporations don’t actually pay taxes right now The FairTax isn’t a way for them to escape anything, EXCEPT maybe all those added compliance costs they no longer need worry about. Criticism: It’s just a Republican trick. I was accused of this one on a Democratic blog site. The accuser insisted I was lying when told of how GREAT the poor are treated under The FairTax.

It appeared that his arrogance would not let him comprehend a plan to aid the poor that did not originate with his Democratic Party heroes. It is true that until recently there were NO Democratic co- sponsers of HR25. But that had little to piano recital do with ideology and essay layout a LOT to statement for emily dickenson do with the irrational, visceral hatred expressed toward The FairTax by Ms. Nancy Pelosi. During the run-up to the 2006 election, Ms. Pelosi (the then-hopeful Speaker of the House) strictly forbid any Democratic candidate from even uttering the word FairTax. This is an unfortunate situation, where the Democratic Speaker of the House refuses to even read a bill just because she thinks it part of some vast Republican conspiracy. To my knowledge she has never articulated what her problem with The FairTax is – other than that it’s supporters are primarily Republicans and Libertarians.

To myself , definitely NOT a Republican, The FairTax is historically a Democratic piece of legislation. Process? It is ways a sentence HIGHLY progressive in it’s tax rates, so much so that Americans at the poverty level are completely de-taxed for the first time in decades. But maybe that is the problem. Both major Parties have always claimed that the process layout, U.S. Income Tax is progressive, but that isn’t really the case is it. The only progressive rate is the thesis statement, Personal Income Tax component.

FICA (Social Security and Medicare) is essay layout HIGHLY regressive in nature because EVERYONE pays (or has confiscated) the recital essay, exact same rate on all income up to $92,000. Poor people should rightly complain about that. And embedded taxes collected (from the layout, public) under the guise of Corporate Income Taxes is writing also HIGHLY regressive. It may be helpful (especially for Republicans) to see my arguments about process why taxation should be progressive. Republican Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan introduced and expanded the for emily dickenson, Earned-Income Tax Credit (EIC) directly to offset this regressive nature of the Income Tax Code. I doubt Democrats want this known as they usually claim sole stewardship of the poor in process essay layout America . So … it may just be that this some kind of Machiavellian Republican trick is to ensure that the 3 LARGEST Federal Tax adjustments to help REALLY help poor Americans originated with Republicans. Somehow I doubt that’s what is behind The FairTax though. But IF I were a Democrat I couldn’t see the value in just blindly following Ms. Pelosi down such a self-fulfilling political alley.

Criticism: The FairTax does nothing to cut government spending. Nor is it meant to. It is a Tax Replacement plan to make taxation fairer and more efficient. Layout? Most supporters fully agree that U.S. Government spending is resume out of control. But that is a separate fight. The FairTax is designed to be revenue neutral.

But this is in essay layout many ways a bogus argument for technical a much deeper reason. People who ask it for the most part care really about reducing the amount of tax burden that we face as a Nation. They mistakenly think that the only way to reduce this tax burden is to reduce Government spending. This is an invalid assumption. There is a $500 BILLION per year mandate that the essay, U.S.

Government will never acknowledge but does exist. That is the approximate cost American taxpayers and companies spend every year solely to in essay comply with the U.S. Income Tax Code. Lawyers, lobbyists, tax preparation services and software, hours of preparation, etc. Not one dollar of that $500 BILLION goes to our Government and (unless you are a tax lawyer) none of process layout, it benefits you. The FairTax ELIMINATES all of it!

No filing Federal Taxes ever again. That $500 BILLION may not be Federal taxes, but it is certainly part of our collective tax burden because the ONLY reason we pay it is to diabetes comply which this highly-inefficient Income Tax system. That $500 BILLION represents roughly 20% of the yearly national tax burden. So The FairTax does more than anything ever has to cut the nation tax burden. And that’s before any program is cut. Process Essay Layout? Why would it make any sense to cut Government programs before eliminating that 20% total waste every year? To put $500 BILLION a year into perspective: · It’s at least 4 TIMES larger that the ‘Bush Tax Cuts’. · It’s larger than the skills english, national deficit. Criticism: The 23% rate is process essay too high.

Okay, but too high for what? It is not too high to REPLACE the tax system we now have. If every American were to pay the communication essay, same rate, that works out to 17%. But, realizing that tax rates must be progressive the MAX rate is theoretically set at 23%, with the majority of Americans effectively paying rates of less than 15%. Effective tax rates for American taxpayers are currently in layout the neighborhood of 10 – 37%. Effective rates under The FairTax will be 0 – 23%. Is 23% too high?

Probably …. But that MAX rate brings about FAR lower tax rates for EVERY American taxpayer than what they now pay. Criticism: The FairTax is progressive …. and taxes shouldn’t be progressive. Yes, taxation has to sample help be progressive. To believe otherwise is not Right or Left, it is layout just plain Wrong. Every human has to expend resources just to maintain their life. In the U.S. we call such a minimal level of maintenance the ‘poverty level’. People with small incomes and statement dickenson little accumulated wealth obviously must expend a higher percentage of that income/wealth to achieve poverty level than do people with higher incomes and process essay more wealth.

It is wrong to assume that spending to dickenson just try and achieve poverty-level is ‘a choice’. Most of essay layout, us CHOOSE to piano recital essay spend far above what is process layout required to achieve a poverty-level lifestyle. For someone just keeping their family at poverty level, to call such spending a CHOICE is a travesty. To tax such a poor family would be to essentially have a SERFDOM TAX, where one is taxed simply for the right to technical LIVE. That is not America . It shouldn’t be like that in essay any civilized country. And I don’t think people who spout that thinking have thought it through, but are just echoing supposedly ‘Conservative’ sound-bites. Criticism: It’s just a Democratic trick. Okay . so I’ve never actually heard this one.

But given the paranoid, back-stabbing nature of American politics I’m sure Republicans will say that when Democrats start accepting The FairTax. It may be helpful to see my reply to the criticism that The FairTax is just some Republican trick. Criticism: It’s the largest welfare increase in history. The FairTax reimburses EVERY American the Federal sales tax that will need to be paid on purchases necessary to maintain a poverty-level lifestyle. That is one (1) of the TWO (2) detailed implementation rules of The FairTax. Obviously, that means EVERY American will receive a rebate check thru the mail or electronically credited to statement for emily their account.

Remember that the base revenue-neutral rate was raised from 17% to process layout 23% to accommodate this progressivity . To some, Government checks = Welfare. But wait … not in the period after April 15 th . It’s NOT welfare then because the Government is maybe returning some of our own money back that it’s over-collected. Yeah, that’s right! Such thinking is silly. There would be 3 ways to implement the Progressive feature of The FairTax. 1. Have differing sales tax rates for individuals based on how wealthy they look. This would be impossibly complicated, easy to cheat at, and plain stupid. Sounds kinda like the current Income Tax Code, doesn’t it.

2. Have exemptions for basic necessities (food, medicine , ? ). Problem is, who should decide what is a necessity for me? Lobbyists and recital essay lawyers would love this. How much would it cost to process get legislation passed to declare donuts or Viagra as necessities, anyway? 3. Allow Americans to resume help spend THEIR money as they CHOOSE to. Process Layout? Give EVERYONE money up front to cover sales tax on THEIR CHOICES up to the level needed to maintain poverty level. The FairTax folks choose the option that supports FREEDOM, SIMPLICITY and PERSONAL CHOICE. You can look at technical writing essays, it this way; the 23% tax is process layout artificially inflated to allow for that 3 rd option.

If you equate ANY money coming from The Government to The People as Welfare (unless it follows April 15th of course) then that is a problem you have to work out yourself. Hint – Try thinking outside the box just a little bit. Criticism: The FairTax applies to government purchases, which will raise deficit spending. This is one of the papers, many flawed conclusions put forth the by the President’s Commission on process essay layout Tax-Reform. The reasoning is ways of starting a sentence that since The FairTax’s 23% Federal tax is paid on ALL retail transactions, the Government itself will have it’s purchasing power in effect reduced by 23% on it’s own retail purchases. This ‘argument’ has several holes.

First, it disregards totally free-market Capitalist forces, which guarantee that prices of American goods and services will drop 15 – 20% due to elimination of Corporate Income Taxes and Payroll Taxes. This is a troublesome oversight, since I thought that such free market Capitalism was among the essay, freedoms the U.S. Government was supposed to be protecting for diabetes papers research us. Second, it does not take into account that the Government itself would no longer have to process layout pay Payroll Taxes (its portion of papers research, FICA) on it’s own MASSIVE workforce. That will save it TONS of process essay, money to pay for any real or imagined overall price increases.

Third, disturbingly the entire Commission findings were estimated from a STATIC economic model. This is the same mistake our government oftentimes makes when trying to estimate the impact of tax cuts. Anything about The FairTax has to be estimated with a DYNAMIC model that takes into account the HUGE economic growth the piano essay, Nation is layout sure to sample resume undergo. The members of that Commission would rather have the U.S. Government exempt from process paying the 23% FairTax rate at all. Think about that.

This would mean the total elimination of any competition between the essay, public and private sectors. To have a Government entity perform a service would ALWAYS be 23% cheaper (all other things being equal) than having a private sector entity perform the same service. Talk about process essay Socialism. We would be giving the Government the ideal means to take over EVERYTHING, under the guise that it would actually be cheaper for all involved. I want the technical, U.S. Process? Government to get out of our lives as much as possible. BTW – My opinion is that the Commission was composed of bought-off little Weasels since the whole section on The FairTax was so blatantly outrageous.

Hopefully they got big pay-offs from the lobbyists who bought them off. Criticism: The FairTax will negatively impact the housing market. This argument stems from the recital essay, fact that there would no longer be mortgage interest deductions under The FairTax. Duh … there is essay layout no more deductions of any kind because there will be NO tax returns to file. The come-back is always the same. ‘You mean a $200,000 house will have $46,000 added because of this FairTax? So instead of a deduction I get an added sales tax!’

Fact #1. We are only ways in essay talking about NEW houses. A USED house is not (by definition a RETAIL sale). The FairTax is layout FAIR, taxes are collected only once, at the RETAIL time of sale. So this hypothetical $200,000 house is research NEW or The FairTax doesn’t even figure into the equation. Fact #2. Essay? If this house now (pre-FairTax) costs $200,000 then after The FairTax it will sell for papers research no more than $170,000 unless someone somehow repeals the concept of free markets.

No more corporate income taxes or payroll taxes to consider as production costs. Competition WILL ensure the sales prices drop .. Fact #3. The final cost of essay layout, this house would be approximately $221,000 of which $51,000 would represent the Federal sales tax. That is because (implicitly) $51,000 is 23% of $221,000 or (explicitly) $51,000 is 30% of $170,000. But $51,000 = $51,000 in any case (see the piano recital, bogus 23% vs 30% criticism). Fact #4. Essay? It is true that the house that cost $200,000 before The FairTax would increase in price by communication skills essay english, about 11%. It’s also true that this house would be paid for process essay layout from wealth resulting from 100% of your income rather than 80% (or less) of your income. Remember – you get your ENTIRE paycheck all the time under The FairTax. MORE MONEY to save for a down-payment.

MORE MONEY to statement for emily pay a mortgage. YOUR MONEY. YOUR CHOICES. Fact #5. With no more national withholding, the process layout, HUGE influx of capital in the marketplace almost immediately slashed interest rates. Statement For Emily? And it’s the essay layout, interest rates that effect the mortgage payment more than anything. Let’s see. You get at recital, least 20% more money each month in your pay.

A NEW house (or car, or clothes, etc) costs maybe 11% more. Mortgage money from the banks cost 25% or so less. How is that in any way a bad deal? Oh yeah … I guess we do lose the joy in deducting that mortgage interest from those no-longer-needed tax forms. Criticism: Black market activity will increase.

This was the very first argument I had, several years ago. Then I thought on the subject. This argument was mentioned prominently in the Tax Commission Report, but they of course didn’t spend any time actually thinking at all. Where would these black market goods come from? No one has ever answered that basic question.

With any black market, goods or services are sold such that customers can escape regulatory or economic impositions by some authority. For our purpose the process essay, ‘authority’ is the ‘U.S. Government’. Communication Essay? An example of process, a ‘regulatory imposition’ is a ban on weapons sales. The example we are interested in of an ‘economic imposition’ is taxes. The first-guess answer to the question ‘where would the goods come from’ is communication skills essay english that goods would be bought WHOLESALE (FairTax doesn’t apply) and then just simply sold off-the-books (without charging The FairTax). Won’t work. The ONLY way to escape paying the essay layout, sales tax component of The FairTax ( ie buy wholesale) is to be registered with the sales tax collection agency (usually at the State level).

Registering in effect means that you declare your intention to help buy wholesale and pay the essay, sales tax after you in turn sell the items retail. The only resume help tax enforcement then becomes the accounting/auditing necessary to ensure that wholesale purchases are linked to sufficient amounts of sales tax revenues. It is entirely possible to buy goods WHOLESALE and then sell them without collecting sales tax, but the essay layout, problem is that it is the a sentence, buyer of the wholesale goods that owes the sales tax. As is the case currently, a business COLLECTS sales taxes and then turns them in. If a businessman fails to collect those taxes he/she is on the hook to essay layout turn over … well …. they won’t stay in business long. A black marketer usually buys goods in an environment with little or no taxes and then sells those goods in essay an environment where the ‘normal’ market is subject to higher taxes. The most prevalent form of this in the U.S. is buying goods in a State with low sales taxes and essay layout then selling those goods in a State with high sales tax. That is communication skills possible because each State has its own sales tax laws. Obviously, with a Federal sales tax the rate is process exactly the same across all States so the trafficking between States of goods is writing essays irrelevant. However, it is essay exactly those types of piano recital, intra-State sales taxes that was cited by the Tax Commission as proof that raising sales tax rates results in increased black market activity. They pointed out that raising the sales tax for a State has historically resulted in black market sales of goods purchased from neighboring lower-tax States.

How this brilliant piece of reasoning has anything at all to do with Federal tax rates I don’t grasp. There are of course the more minor black market cases involving stolen goods or illegally imported goods. These are law enforcement issues however, and should not even enter the discussion about viability of a consumption tax. Bottom line is essay that 80 – 90% of all RETAIL goods in the U.S. Ways Of Starting A Sentence? are purchased through the largest 20% of process layout, retail corporations – chief among them being Wal-Mart. Goods smuggled here from Mexico or Canada are not going to technical change that dynamic.

Criticism: The IRS won’t really be abolished. You’re probably right. Process? It should shrink by statement for emily, 80% or so, however. Collection of the national retail sales tax will for the most part be handled by individual States, since most of them already have apparatus in place to collect State sales tax. Process Essay Layout? HR25 specifies that such States will get to keep a small percentage of the Federal sales tax they collect, as compensation for any added trouble. But I’m sure there will be some agency at the Federal level to coordinate things. Whether it’s called the IRS or not really doesn’t matter. As to all the large number of displaced IRS workers … well there is this little problem at the Mexican border …..

Criticism: The Flat (Income) Tax is a better option. This to skills essay english me is the process essay layout, most dangerous piece of bunk. I really wish the names (Fair and Flat ) did not sound so much alike. Steve Forbes and Dick Armey refuse to call their plans an diabetes papers research, Income Tax but if it waddles and quacks it’s a dang duck. Essay? In this case, an communication essay, Income Tax duck . It makes no difference (really) if an Income Tax is Flat, Bumpy or FireEngine Red – it is a flawed idea.

The Flat Income Tax has all the flaws of any income tax. · It still bases taxation off reported income, not actual wealth. · It still in process layout effect exempts criminals from paying Federal taxes. Dickenson? They don’t report income so legally they don’t even owe taxes. · It still splits FICA off as a separate income-based DEMOGRAPHICALLY-unsupportable train wreck waiting to derail in a few short decades. · It still requires the filing of annual tax returns.

They may be simpler, however, but they are still required. · It leaves in place the phoney -baloney farce of Corporate Income Taxes. · It leaves in place, though PROBABLY lowers, the process, mandated tax compliance spending which drains hundreds of sample help, BILLIONS of dollars from the process, U.S. Skills English? economy each year for layout absolutely NO National BENEFIT. That political candidates, namely Republicans, can brag about being supporters of both The Flat Tax AND The FairTax does nothing but prove that politicians will sell their soul for statement for emily votes. It is the same as saying they are both FOR abortion and process AGAINST abortion. Makes NO sense! REAL FairTax supporters abhor the idea of an Income Tax.

That is what needs to be replaced. Papers? The 16 th Abomination to the U.S. Process Layout? Constitution was the gravest injustice ever inflicted upon the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. Those Founders WOULD be leading a revolt if they were still alive, of that I have NO doubt. Flat (Income) Tax supporters are generally ignorant of what that plan really means. It REQUIRES the 16 th Abomination to the U.S. Constitution. It goes against what our Founding Fathers explicitly expressed in The Constitution and communication skills english The Federalist Papers.

It tinkers around the edges with the current Income Tax Code, but in NO way substantially changes it. Criticism: It will be a nightmare to transition to layout The FairTax from an Income Tax. I hear this a lot but don’t quite understand it. Are wage-earners going to find it difficult to get used to a sentence NO Federal Income Tax and NO FICA (Medicare SS) Taxes? I doubt that is what ‘nightmare’ is supposed to mean.

Are consumers going to find it difficult to pay extra (maybe 10% or so) for process every RETAIL purchase they choose to communication essay make with a portion of their extra (certainly GREATER THAN 10%) take-home pay? I doubt that is what ‘nightmare’ is supposed to mean. Are States going to find it difficult to collect sales tax? The majority of States have sales-tax collection agencies already and HR25 pays the States to tap into those existing agencies. Maybe a little bit of a ‘nightmare’ but States will get paid for process essay their troubles. I’ve been asked about the ‘nightmare’ of reprogramming cash registers. I won’t even dignify that with an answer. Criticism: FairTax rate will need to be higher than 23%.

This claim by several liberal organizations always centers round the technical, same thing. A plan is invented which they call The FairTax but is substantially different. The rate necessary for process essay that made-up plan to resume help replace the essay, Income Tax system is then computed. The information is published that The FairTax requires that computed tax rate. And the made-up rate is still usually specified as an exclusive rate to make it look even worse when compared to the inclusive tax rates of an Income Tax. These claims in NO way represent the communication essay, tax rate required for process essay layout The FairTax (the REAL FairTax). The plan is clearly spelled out and is very simple. Examples are usually hard to quantify because these organizations rarely spell out in much detail what the ways of starting in essay, rules are for essay their own made-up ‘FairTax’ plans.

They don’t care, after all, they just want the rates to be high. I have seen some of these phony plans do the following: · Exempt food and medicine (NO retail transactions are exempt under The REAL FairTax) · Add FICA Income Tax rates (there are NO FICA Income Taxes under The REAL FairTax) · Exempt Government retail purchases from sales tax (Government spending is treated the same as consumer spending under The REAL FairTax) Some of these made-up plans are so different from The REAL FairTax that it’s just scary. In 2004 the Democratic National Committee paid a liberal Washington group called ITEP to thesis smear The FairTax. ITEP made-up some plan they refuse to even describe and then calculated effective tax rates for citizens of each state under the essay layout, current Income Tax as opposed to the ITEP made-up plan. Statement For Emily? The results were consistently that every group except for process layout the richest ended up paying higher taxes under The ITEP made-up Plan. They even had poverty-level citizens paying around 50% tax rates under their plan.

They then proclaimed the papers research, ITEP plan to accurately mirror The FairTax even though a chief feature of The FairTax is that Americans living at the poverty-level ALWAYS pay 0% in Federal taxes. ITEP then published all their ridiculously high tax rates as showing how bad The FairTax would be. But wait .. Process Layout? it gets worse. Help? A lot of politicians (with either vested interests in keeping the Income Tax and/or plain old stupidity) quote reports straight from process essay layout these dishonest organizations. And a lot of Americans (especially those with decidedly Socialistic leanings) buy the LIES.

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